Students conduct traveller survey in Mogilev

        On September 17, the students of Mogilev Podolskyi Medical College helped to conduct the Anti-Corruption Client Satisfaction Survey at Otach-Mogilev Podolskyi border crossing point.

        At the border, the students interviewed drivers and their passengers, truck drivers and pedestrians. During the day, 200 people crossing the border participated in the survey.

        The survey will enable EUBAM and its partners to assess the level and the nature of corruption, if any, and identify the areas where anti-corruption measures should be strengthened.  In addition, the young people participated in the survey had an excellent opportunity to learn more about corruption and the ways to prevent it.

        The event is a continuation of the previous surveys by EUBAM and its partners within the ‘Model Border Crossing Point Pilot Project’ at the Tudora-Starokozache and Otach-Mogilev Podolskyi border crossing points.