Ukrainian and Moldovan students against corruption

        The ninth ‘Youth against Corruption’ Summer School kicked off in Vadul-lui-Voda, Moldova today. The week-long event, organized by EUBAM, as well as the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and the National Anti-Corruption Centre of Moldova, is dedicated to raising awareness among the younger generation in Ukraine and Moldova.

        During the week, 24 students chosen from Ukrainian and Moldovan universities, including the National Academy of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Ukrainian Academy of Customs, the Police Academy “Stefan cel Mare” of Moldova, will study international instruments for preventing corruption, European principles of good governance, and ethical conduct in the public service. The participants, aged from 21-24, will also consider what impact they can have in the fight against corruption, and develop their own anti-corruption projects.

        On Thursday, 7 August, as part of the week’s activities, the Anti-Corruption Summer School students will conduct a traveller satisfaction survey at Tudora-Starokozache border crossing point. The survey aims to find out what kind of corruption, if any, travellers experience and how often it takes place.

        “In everything we do, EUBAM is committed to increase transparency and fight corruption. We offer the Anti-Corruption Summer School students education of the utmost quality. We are not only providing knowledge on anti-corruption but also a learning experience beyond text books and lectures. The students have also a valuable role conducting the survey,” the Head of EUBAM, Mr Francesco Bastagli, said at the opening event.

        The ‘Youth against Corruption’ is among several anti-corruption initiatives supported by EUBAM. At both central and regional levels in Moldova and Ukraine, the Mission supports the border-management services in the design and implementation of their anti-corruption action plans and preventative mechanisms.