Ukrainian border guards engage travelers in fighting corruption

        On 16 March EUBAM Head of Border Management Department Colin Gazeley attended the Odessa launch of the national ‘Stop Corruption’ campaign run by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in partnership with the International Organization for Migration. During the event at Odesa International Airport, the passengers arriving to the city were met by Border Guards who handed out leaflets encouraging citizens to report incidents of corruption to a hot-line (+38 044 527 63 63) and at the same time inform them that offering bribes to Border Guards is a criminal offence.

        Talking to local media, Colin Gazeley said: “EUBAM has noted an increase in the number of attempts to bribe officers at Ukraine’s border crossing points which have been reported by officers and followed up. This demonstrates a certain progress of the State Border Guard Service in fighting corruption and improving integrity and the Mission will continue to support its partners in this challenging area”. He added that this awareness campaign would help the border guards to improve their public image and undoubtedly lead to a more transparent and fairer environment at the border crossing points.

        The ‘Stop Corruption’ campaign aims to heighten the awareness of the travelling public to the dangers of offering bribes to border officials through the distribution of 60,000 leaflets nationwide at all major border crossing points, land, sea and air.