Useful information for Ukrainian refugees on transit through the Republic of Moldova

        Considering the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine, many people are continuously fleeing the country in search of safety for themselves and their families. To support the Ukrainians, the EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine produced a guide with a map of transit routes to the EU through the Republic of Moldova, which also includes useful information for the trip. The guide will be disseminated by EUBAM experts at the border crossing points and its electronic version can be downloaded at the bottom of this webpage.

        This guide provides useful links and resources that will help and guide you on your way out of Ukraine and in your further journey. As well, here, you can find country-specific information.

        When preparing to leave:

        • Make sure the car fuel tank is full and your mobile phone charged; take water, food for several days, external battery/charger for the phone, and blankets. Your trip might take longer than expected due to checkpoints, border crossing points and traffic jams.
        • Take all documents necessary to cross borders. It will ease up the process. But don’t worry if you don’t have all, refugees will not be refused at any border! Save photos of your documents on your phone and send them to your email as a backup copy. 
        • Take cash with you as your credit or bank cards might not work in foreign countries.


        While on the road:

        • Choose less busy border crossing points not to get stuck in a traffic jam. For up-to-date information on waiting time – check the Border Police of the Republic of Moldova official Facebook page
        • Refill your car regularly in order to have at least half the fuel tank all the time during your trip. 


        When you cross the border:

        • Have all your travel documents prepared in advance.
        • Don’t leave your luggage unattended and hold kids by the hand so they don’t get lost.
        • Declare your cash and valuables with customs officers at the border crossing points.


        After you cross the border:

        • Keep regular contact with family and friends. Inform them every time you change location.
        • Do not trust or follow persons you don’t know or just follow in groups. 
        • Watch your children at all times and do not leave them unattended.
        • Do not hesitate to ask Police officers or humanitarian organisations for support. They are present at nearly every border crossing point and at major train stations all over Europe. 


        Useful links:

        European Commission guide – Key information about your rights with regard to crossing the border into an EU country, eligibility for temporary protection, and applying for international protection, as well as the rights of travel inside the European Union.

        EU NEIGHBOURS east  – Practical support for Ukrainian refugees: From procedures to transport, accommodation and jobs

        UN Refugee Agency Ukraine – Information for refugees and asylum-seekers

        Ukrainian national portal on countering human trafficking and assistance to migrants – Information on safety rules for girls and women crossing the border, as well as basic information on entry into the EU countries.

        VisitUkraine – Ukrainian official portal, useful information for people leaving Ukraine

        Moldova: – Official aggregator with useful information for those who decided to stay, or transit the Republic of Moldova;

        lmmigration and Asylum Bureau of the Republic of Moldova – Information on receiving asylum in the Republic of Moldova

        Romania: – Official aggregator of useful information for those who decided to stay, or transit Romania

        Interactive map of transit routes through Romania to other EU states


        Bulgaria for Ukraine – Platform supported by the government helps to provide evacuation, transport, accommodation, medical and humanitarian aid, legal assistance and settling down in Bulgaria – Information on entry and stay in Bulgaria


        Official webpage of Slovakian Public sector – Information about entry and stay in Slovakia  – Aggregator of useful information for those who decided to move to Slovakia


        Federal Office for Migration and Refugees – Up to date information on entry and stay in Germany 

        German Deutsche Bahn railway association – Information about free railway traveling 


        Austrian Federal Agency for Reception and Support Services – Information on entry and stay in Austria


        Brochure: Travelling regulations for Ukrainians in Hungary

        Hungarian Helsinki Committee – Information about special status and asylum in Hungary


        Assistance in Belgium – Information on entry and stay in Belgium and further links for more information


        Swiss Refugee Council – Instructions for asylum seekers in Switzerland


        Dutch Council for Refugees – Information on entry and stay in the Netherlands


        Finnish Migration Service – Information on entry and stay in Finland

        Czech Republik:

        Official website of the ministry of interior – Information on entry and stay in the Czech Republic

        United Kingdom: – Information about receiving a visa and asylum in the United Kingdom