Cleaner, Odesa
      • Application deadline
        14.02.2021 Active Closed
      • Starting date
      • Type of contract
        Service Contract (SC)
      • Language required
        Fluency in Ukrainian and Russian; knowledge of elementary English is an asset.
      • Expected duration of assignment
        Nine months, 1 March 2021 – 30 November 2021
      Duty Station:

      Subscriber’s Monthly Fee:

      Organizational Unit:

      Direct Supervisor:

      EUBAM HQ, Odesa, Ukraine

      590 EUR

      Human Resources Unit

      National Administrative / Human Resources Officer


      General Functions: Under the guidance and direct supervision of National Administrative / Human Resources Officer and technical supervision of National Procurement and Logistics Officer the incumbent contributes to a smooth operation of EUBAM HQ. The employee maintains cleanliness and order in the assigned function area/room on EUBAM HQ premises through a range of actions, including cleaning and housekeeping.


      Specific Functions: 

      1. Perform cleaning functions as required, including washing, sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuum-cleaning and polishing;
      2. Clean surfaces, including floors, furniture, wall, doors, windows, carpets, etc.;
      3. Empty and clean waste-paper baskets and shredders;
      4. Keep offices, corridors, and toilets clean and sanitized;
      5. Maintain and clean all cleaning equipment utilized;
      6. Inspect the scheduled function area/room for cleanliness, working condition and proper furniture/equipment set up; report work orders for maintenance repairs or other deficiencies to the supervisor;
      7. Perform office premises preparations for the changes of year seasons;
      8. Maintain a minimum stock of cleaning/kitchen/bathroom materials and timely submits requests for replenishment of cleaning materials and consumables;
      1. Ensure due care of premises, equipment, vehicles (including their spare parts, consumables, keys etc.), supplies and other property that is ent