Finance Assistant
      • Application deadline
        06.07.2018 Active Closed
      • Starting date
      • Type of contract

      I. Position Information

      Position grade

      Duty station

      General Service Staff, Grade G6

      Odesa, Ukraine

      Reports directly to National Finance Officer
      Posting channel Open to First and Second-Tier Candidates


      II. Organizational Context and Scope

      Under overall supervision of the Chief of Mission and Chief of Administration (CoA); direct supervision of the National Finance Officer the successful candidate will be responsible and accountable for providing necessary support in matters of financial/treasury nature for the European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM).


      III. Responsibilities and Accountabilities

      1. Assist with the control and monitoring of the finance and budget activities of EUBAM in Ukraine. Effect cash and bank payments to vendors and personnel. Ensure conformity of all supporting documents and availability of signatures prior to processing of payments. Ensure availability of sufficient funds in local bank accounts and in cash.
      2. Perform Treasure Payments Approver and Treasure Outgoing Payments Processor in PRISM. Record cash transactions into PRISM. Ensure that processed vouchers are matched and completed and transactions are correctly recorded and posted. Ensure timely corrective actions on unposted vouchers including vouchers with check errors.
      3. Prepare invoices, Mission Funding Requests and Mission Payment Requests. Review and record payment requests (RFPs) for validity of claims, completeness of supporting documentation and consistency of values. Review and perform the processing of staff travel claims and settlement Verify invoices and ascertain that the equipment, supplies or services they refer to were duly received or provided before proceeding with payment request.
      4. Ensure that personal use of vehicle and telephone is properly accounted and billed. Assist in managing financial resources through planning, guiding, monitoring and controlling of the resources in accordance with IOM rules and regulations.
      5. Ensure that all asset acquisition is properly documented and recorded in the system in compliance with IOM’s policies and procedures. Ensure that asset records are properly maintained to include relevant identification, asset number, location and person responsible. Oversee physical inventory of assets in coordination with the procurement assistant and